LookiTV is a netcasting software able to netcast TV,
Radio or any Live or Pre-recorded program. It's E-Z to
use - anyone can do it!

Every Looki Member is eligible, however, only
members who have 20 Lookers (followers)
can use LookiTV to netcast a production. It's
easy to gain Lookers because when you
publish a Looki, our search engine analyzes
your content and when anyone conducts a
search, your Looki is presented to them with a
recommendation to become one of your
Lookers. You're also eligible for Ad Revenue Sharing
under our Partner Program once you have 20 Lookers. The more Lookis you publish and the more you use our Live Video Connector and LookiTV production, the more revenue you will share in. For Partner Information,
Click Here.

The software includes a Production Studio, Green Screen, Teleprompter, etc. All you need is a Web Cam and Microphone. Each show can be netcasted for up to twenty minutes and can be featured on any subject. Commercials are prohibited. All your Lookers can simultaneously see your Show.

LookiTV is InterActive, so the publishing moderator can See & Talk Live with Callers. Viewers can also See the Callers. You can netcast your own Live Talk Show, Entertainment or Variety Show. It's excellent for School and Community Events including Local Sporting Events; Corporations can netcast their Stockholder Meetings and Governments can netcast Department or Council Meetings.

Only one caller at a time can interact live while the moderator conducts the show, but using our Free 100 Video Line PBX Communication System, up to one hundred callers can be placed on hold awaiting the moderator. Moderator Assistants can See & Talk with Callers on hold. There is connection to an Automatic Order Page.

Many Movie, TV and Media Celebrities are using LookiTV. Anyone can become a Star! Imagine the fun and excitement of producing your own TV Show with tens of thousands of your Lookers all simultaneously viewing your Live TV Show. For more information on LookiTV, Click Here. Looki is changing social media!

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